An Educational Consultancy and Educational Guardianship of excellence
offering students the opportunity to study in UK with secured placement



At, we aim to give the best service to students, for an opportunity not only to study in UK but also in leading centre in UK. We place international students to British schools, colleges, universities and advise their parents on all aspects of UK private education.

­UK colleges and Universities offer an education, which is highly valued throughout the world. Though there is a great range to choose from, it is important that the student chooses an education centre, which is best suited to the student's abilities.­

Bespoke Educational Consultancy

Our process is simple and easy to follow. In order to advise on the most suitable course, whether for pre university or university:

  • we will ask you to provide some information, such as the the student's academic abilities, level of English, current academic qualification and secondary level.
  • We will base the information to provide a few choice of courses and colleges/universities
  • With our guidance and advices, we will help you to select the most appropriate education centre
  • We will deal with the registration and obtaining the visa letter (CAS) on  your behalf

Our mission is to provide the best solution to help the students in any way we can to secure for them the desired college or univeristy to suit their preferences and ability.








Bespoke Educational Guardianship

We also offer educational guardianship for the parents who do not have the conveinience of a family or friend in UK to act as guardian for the under 18 students.

Guardianship is compulsory in the UK for a student under the age of 18 years old in order to obtain a student visa to study in UK.  A guardian is an adult liviing in the UK who can represent the students on behalf of the parents during emergency

We provide a comprehensive service as a guardian, not only to the under 18 years old but also older students. Students feel more comfortable knowing that there is always someone in UK to give them assistance.

















About US


Our Fees



We offer several different packages depending on the requirement of the students and our level of support.

Initial consultation - Free

We offer free initial consultation to discuss about the needs of the student, and request of parents.

Administration/Registration Fee (Non-Refundable): £120

Per student one time only. The administration fees is only payable upon confirmation of the search process for an education centre in the UK.

Standard Support: £800

  • Help to look for the colleges or univerisities based on the academic information provided, various communication with the education centres
  • Providing consultation advices in relation to the shortlisted colleges
  • Communication with the selected education centre, seeking eligibility for entry
  • Acting as representative on behalf of the student and parents to confirm their acceptance to the selected education centre
  • Liaise with the education centre until the issuance of the visa letter (CAS)
  • Advising the student to commence visa application from the UK embassy in his/her country
  • Advising the student in relation to the travel pack of original documents in preparation for the travel to UK


Premium Support:  Plus optional fees as itemised:

  • Meet and Greet at London airports - £60 plus travel expenses and transportation cost
  • Accomodation arrangement assistance - Help in looking for accomodation (at Hall of Residences, independent stay or Host Family), and negotiating the rents on behalf of the student - £100. Excluding cost of the room, viewings and travel expenses
  • First day visit to the education centre - Accompany and introduce the student to the education centre on the first day - £60 (London), plus travel expenses.
    For outside London education centre, the fees will depend on the distance from London 
  • Student's initial essentials  - Help with opening bank account, registration with a doctor, obtaining student travel card, collection of BRP visa identity card, shopping for the essentials, and briefing about living in UK as a student - £120 plus travel expenses.



Our guardianship services are under 2 categories, Silver and Gold, from £400 per term to £600 per term (Brochure is available at request)­